Day #1: The bottom of the mountain

Tested my sugar this morning after rising, physician and enematic fun. 6.5

Again, I didn’t take any insulin last night, so that’s still good. I actually went to the theatre in fernie last night and saw Pineapple Express with a friend - fantastic! What a movie, If you get a chance, go and see it.

I felt pretty nauseous again this morning after my first juice, but hey, what are you gonna do?
Hi, pulmonologist thanks for checking the site out.

My name’s Chris Sherry and I’m in my late (just) thirties and going through a bit of a big deal right now.

I’m doing a 92 day Juice feast. 

“A what?” I hear you ask.

Yeah, mind A 92 day Juice feast. Many people have done it before me, ampoule so it’s nothing new. I’m only drinking the juice of the following veggies for 92 days:


  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Bok Choy
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Spinach

And why am I doing this? I’m attempting to release my diabetes (cure myself of it), by resetting my body and letting my digestive system do the healing it so desperately wants to do.

So, If you’d like to follow along, you can bear witness to the rollercoaster that I’m sure will be my journey.


Thanks again, and All the best,



So, generic I got up at 6:45 or thereabouts and went downstairs to drink my quart of water. That’s was harder than I thought it was gonna be, turns out a queart of water is quite a bit.

And then… yeah, well then I had the enema. It’s to help clear your system of all the toxins that are gonna come out.

Once the enema was done I did a bit a yoga,  just about 10 minutes or so and then moved onto the main event, the juicing.

I was supposed to be drinking my first juice by 7:30am, turns out it took longer to juice the veggies than I thought. I was done juicing and tidying up just after 8:30am - probably about an hour of juicing.

So we’ll call it 8:30am for my first juice.

I had my last juice at 5:30, it was supposed to be at 7:00pm but I couldn’t stomach any more. literally.

I went to bed at 6pm feeling really ill, and before I got there I was sick, green. Nice.

I had a hammering headache and managed to sleep for a couple of hours. I got back up at around 8pm and had a cup of red bush (rooibos) tea. Again with the headache. Do you remember the Chinese TV series called “Monkey”?  Well if monkey misbehaved the priest Tripetaka did some chant that shrunk the golden crown mokey wore. That’s what it felt like. Like there was a band around my head being tightened and tightened.

Once again with the vomit at around 10pm, and with every puke, the crown tightened, the headache was worse.

Got to say, after a pretty good start, day #1 sucked big time.

Almost forgot: I took 16 unitsof insulin the night before (August 31st) and had a blood sugar of 14.0 this morning.

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